Manifesting Prosperity Clubs

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What do you think would happen in your life if you could meet with like-minded people on a regular basis and play with the power of Manifesting?  Would your business expand?  Would you feel more alive, joyful and free?  Would you master the Manifesting Prosperity Process?  Would you just have fun?  Most likely.


Manifesting Prosperity International, founded by Tonja Waring, is a global organization designed to teach, support and empower people like you to activate extraordinary success in their business and life.  Our Manifesting Prosperity Clubs (MPC) provide an environment of like-minded people immersing themselves in the principles of manifesting so each can powerfully integrate and activate what they already know and what they will learn.  We create a rich environment that allows you to learn, apply,go back and learn, apply again, master, mentor, and teach each other. It’s important to gather together.

Can you imagine trying to learn French if you are only surrounded by people who know Spanish?  And, all you do is read the book?  You don’t actually go into life and apply it, you just think about it.  It would be almost impossible to learn French, right?  That’s why surrounding ourselves with prosperity-minded people in an educational environment like Manifesting Prosperity Clubs is priceless. It makes sense.

There are Clubs happening in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.  You can join them on facebook, or contact me and I will help you start a club of your own.  Join our Facebook Page Manifesting Prosperity International.