Meet Tonja Waring


Tonja Waring is a manifesting expert and feng shui practitioner (15 years).  Her delight and joy is a result of being a solo mom to three enlightened teens and experimenting with the infinite energy that surrounds all of us.  She shares her personal experiences and discoveries through speaking, writing, and coaching.

She has authored four books:  Single Mom on Fire, Manifesting Prosperity in 33 Days, Manifesting Romance:  Happily Ever Laughter, and The Radiance Blessing; and she has produced a CD, 33 Manifesting Prosperity Affirmations.

Here’s her story.  

Unlimited Power

“In 2009 I lost virtually everything except my three kids.  I was newly divorced, facing eviction, and could not find a job.  I was devastated when on top of it all, I was denied welfare.  I had no idea what I was going to do.

Thank God, Mike Lindell, owner and inventor of MyPillow, convinced me to start working with him to build MyPillow into something great. At that time, there were only six employees.  Working closely together for two years, Mike and I grew MyPillow from $500,000 into $50 million in sales annually, employing over 500 people.  Together, we co-authored one of the most profitable ads ever written that appeared in all the major newspapers The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  


I became the National Infomercial Host for MyPillow and appeared regularly as a guest on QVC.  I was on national television 180 times a day!  I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.  All of these incredible results I credit to my innate ability to align a business owner energetically with his/her passion and vision, and then communicate that vision to the consumer through messaging:  tell a great story, develop taglines and branding and spread the word through social media, websites, testimonials, proposals, flyers, etc.”      Tonja Waring


Today, Tonja speaks, coaches, and consults internationally with all types of people and businesses.

Her skills and experience developing a successful business while raising three healthy kids by herself makes her an ideal choice for any business owner/entrepreneur who wants to go to the next level; anyone going through a dramatic life change like divorce; or someone seeking more happiness and joy in their life. She offers a one-time, complimentary 30-minute  Sizzle Session to prospective clients.  


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