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Single Mom on Fire – Autographed.  Single moms and dads, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has wondered, “Is this this all there is?” will absolutely love and appreciate this heart-warming and humorous saga of overcoming tough times. Tonja Waring keeps it very real as she takes you on her personal journey of utter despair as she faced foreclosure, bankruptcy, unemployment, divorce, and was denied welfare for her three young children. After sending out over 200 resumes with no results, in a desperate plea for help, she asked God to bring her something that was worthy of who she was.  Little did she know that she had just discovered the first step in the life-changing Manifesting Prosperity ProcessTM . In only two years she was instrumental in growing a company from $500,000 to $50 million, appeared on national television 180 times a day and wrote one of the most profitable ads ever written. Share the gift of inspiration with that someone special in your life, and pick up a copy for yourself, too. SMOF 3D

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“I try and keep it real for my readers.  In 2009 I lost everything except my three kids.  I was newly divorced, facing eviction, and could not find a job.  I was devastated when on top of it all, I was denied welfare.  I was completely at a loss of what to do.  Thank God, I was “discovered” by Mike Lindell, owner and inventor of MyPillow. When I started, there were six employees and $500,000 a year in revenues.  Working closely together for two years, Mike and I grew MyPillow from a cottage industry to $50 million in sales annually employing over 500 people. Together, we co-authored one of the most profitable ads ever written that appeared in all the major newspapers The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  I also was hired as the National Infomercial Host for MyPillow and appear regularly as guest for MyPillow on QVC. All of these incredible results I credit to discovering ”by accident” how to fully tap into my Divine Guidance Teams and the Manifesting Prosperity ProcessTM; two of many very easy strategies I use to this day and teach my clients!  I’ve reduced the price this holiday season, so you can bless yourself with the gift of inspiration, too!”